assessment centre

The assessment centre, or centre for integrated assessment, is a comprehensive approach to the process of selecting candidates. This method involves a broad range of techniques for testing and assessing candidates. It places an emphasis on the observation and assessment of candidates.

Exercises are used whose aim is to specify and simulate key abilities in the position. It is assumed that the results obtained during these simulations provide a good forecast of that person's performance in that position. Apart from group exercises individual tests are also used, such as a "basket of instructions".
An integrated assessment, conducted properly, allows for an accurate prediction of the candidates achievements in his future work. As a result of the use of our tools, the integrated assessment process is based on objective and credible results and proceeds efficiently.

ALTA can help you to gain an in-depth and objective assessment of an individual's behaviour through the use of assessment centres. We have a range of off-the-shelf exercises and complete 'day in the life' assessment centres to suit various levels within an organisation.
ALTA can work with you to design an exercise or a full assessment centre to reflect the demands and challenges of your own organisation - or if you wish to do this yourselves, we can train you in assessment centre design.