competency framework

Having a robust competency model is the foundation stone for organisations seeking to introduce effective HR processes. ALTA can work with you to ensure that you are able to put the right competency model in place for your company.

By adopting a coherent and consistent approach to competency management across their organisation, employers can ensure that they:
  • Recruit the most suitable candidates
  • Identify high potentials at an early stage
  • Promote the right individuals
  • Increase retention through structured performance management and career development planning.

The main benefits of a competency-based system
Employees have a set of objectives to work towards and are clear about how they are expected to perform their jobs.

The appraisal and recruitment systems are fairer and more open.
There is a link between organisational and personal objectives.
Processes are measurable and standardised across organisational and geographical boundaries.

ALTA helps organisations to identify the competencies that underpin business activity, and then develop a detailed competency framework around these.
Whether the need is to develop competencies across the company as a whole or for specific groups or functions, we can ensure that the competencies are developed in line with commercial imperatives.