development centre

Managers in today’s organisations perform key functions that determine their competitiveness in an increasingly complex environment. It seems, however, that most organisations are still struggling with the basics of management development without the strategies in place to build intellectual capital. This vulnerability will hinder the ability of leaders to focus on the important capabilities of the future, including helping the organisation learn how to become effective at the acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

If you want to gain an in-depth behavioural assessment of individuals which can provide the substance for a development action plan, development centres can provide a wealth of data.

Our centres can be purchased off-the-shelf or designed to be specific to your organisation and they provide an excellent opportunity to assess the strengths and development needs of your people.

Diagnosis of strengths and development needs is the start of a development process - whether it is individual or team-based. It is essential to follow up on this diagnosis with a strategy to guide ongoing behavioural change.

We can assist this ongoing plan by offering coaching to individuals, helping them to work on and improve their capability.