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The Cubiks Multi-Rater Assessment (MRA) is a highly flexible online feedback tool that provides employers with a framework for identifying the strengths and development needs of their employees.

Often used in the format of a 360, Cubiks MRA combines multiple perspectives on an individual’s performance to provide them with a balanced overview of their strong points and their areas for improvement.

With Cubiks MRA you can:
  • Facilitate candid discussions about work behaviours and stimulate honest feedback
  • Inspire employee self-awareness and learning
  • Encourage goal setting and skill development
  • Enable staff to view their behaviour from the perspectives of others
  • Promote an open culture and maintain your company’s values

MRA is available in two formats:
MRA-S (Scale) adopts a conventional scale approach, allowing reviewers to rate an individual against the most relevant competencies. Reviewees can see how they have been scored on each competency and how each different reviewer group has rated them.

MRA-I (Ipsative) uses an innovative format that ‘forces’ people to indicate which competencies are considered strengths and which ones are perceived as development areas. As a result, reviewees are presented with a ranking of highest to lowest evaluated competencies, helping them clearly identify their strengths and development priorities.