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Cubiks Team Role Questionnaire (CTRQ) is a quick online assessment that provides insight into the types of roles people prefer to adopt when working with others.

Using CTRQ, HR professionals and line managers can generate detailed team role profiles, providing participants with an overview of their potential strengths and possible limitations as team players.

CTRQ helps people understand the roles they prefer to take in a team, providing a framework for individuals and teams to discuss how to optimise the way they work.
Assist participants with improving their performance, using the reports to look into how they can modify actions and adapt behaviours in different team situations
Combine profiles of multiple individuals in group reports for an overview of the team’s dynamics, strengths and weaknesses.
Identify if behaviours are under or over represented and ascertain whether a candidate will be a good fit for a team.
Use the information in the reports as a discussion tool for productive team development sessions.