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PAPI 3 (Personality and Preference Inventory) is a leading work related personality assessment, delivered by Cubiks,  used by HR professionals and line managers to evaluate the behaviour and preferred work styles of individuals operating at all levels.

Through an interactive online questionnaire, PAPI 3 delves into the drivers and working styles of participants, providing targeted, in-depth information about their preferences and typical behaviour at work. Armed with this knowledge, employers can work more efficiently; using PAPI 3’s instant, concise reports to expedite recruitment decisions and easily conduct structured development conversations.

Sales & Leadership specific versions offer powerful analysis, incorporating additional scales crucial to working in these areas, as well as reports focused on the characteristics essential for success in such roles.

Dynamic Reporting brings the PAPI profile wheel to life at the touch of a fingertip. Users can explore a responsive PAPI wheel on screen, pinpointing and drilling into the insight they need to prepare for feedback conversations or use during discussions.

Ingrained cultural adaptability makes PAPI 3 the perfect tool for multinational organisations. The questionnaire was created from the ground up, with international input from the very start to make it relevant and culturally sensitive in addition to its multiple language availability.

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