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The ten competencies that matter most to today’s employers

The ten competencies that matter most to today’s employers
Last year, almost 130,000 Cubiks 360s were carried out via Cubiks Online,  central assessment administration platform. Cubiks analysed the data across these assessments to discover the ten most frequently assessed competencies internationally*.

1: Results focus
Demonstrates a focus on achieving results and objectives.  Consistently strives to meet or exceed expectations.

2: Proactive communication
Actively keeps people informed and openly communicates relevant information to others.  Listens well and takes others’ views and perspectives into consideration.

3: Coaching and developing others
Identifies and develops talent in individuals, providing positive support to enable them to achieve their potential.

4: Teamwork
Takes a co-operative approach within the team, sharing knowledge and information.  Seeks to promote harmony within the team and contributes to team processes.

5: Organising and prioritising
Organises information and resources effectively.  Prioritises tasks according to their urgency and/or importance.

6: Customer focus
Identifies and understands the customer’s needs.  Focuses on meeting those needs and ensuring both satisfaction and a continuing business relationship.

7: Motivating others
Inspires enthusiasm in others, encouraging individuals to successfully achieve goals and objectives.

8: Analysis and problem solving
Breaks down and analyses information effectively.  Identifies the causes of problems and proposes realistic and practical solutions to address them.

9: Integrity
Maintains high standards of honesty and trustworthiness.  Considers ethical implications of issues and decisions while remaining pragmatic.  Uses appropriate opportunities to bring difficult or sensitive issues into the open.

10: Directing others
Provides clear instructions and direction to others.  Adapts their leadership style according to the individual or situation.

Article author: Laura Parrack