innovative assessment
for Fitness to Drive


TEST2DRIVE is a state-of-the-art computer-assisted system of psychological tests aimed at effectively supporting the work of traffic psychologists and occupational psychologists.

TEST2DRIVE is an excellent assessment tool to examine drivers and people practicing occupations requiring full psychomotor skills such as:

• Forklift operators
• Machine operators
• Industry workers, etc.

The psychological tests which are the core of the system allow to test all substantial traits and fulfil the relevant criteria for test goodness (the tests are objective, standardised, reliable, valid and normalised).
The tests are conducted with the use of a computer connected to the Internet, with a touchscreen monitor.

The TEST2DRIVE interface is clear and intuitive both for the psychologist who conducts and supervises the test and for the testee. The system allows managing assessment process step-by-step, until full results and information required for the reliable diagnose are completed.
The test results, both raw and normalized in the form of clear reports and protocols are available immediately after the test has been conducted. The built-in interview form facilitates this part of the test, while the documentation generator reduces the time for its preparation.

Each psychologist using TEST2DRIVE receives a “User’s manual” which contains thorough foundations of the psychological diagnosis of drivers as well as a detailed description of the test procedures.
The results are recorded on a central server in accordance with the legal requirements regarding personal data protection. Therefore the damage or loss of a computer/disc used in the process of testing does not entail the loss of test results or the participant's record.

TEST2DRIVE guarantees the User total security of storing and processing the entered data. The system is accessed through a logging mechanism, which prevents unauthorised persons from obtaining access to the system.

The installation process has been simplified and enables a quick and independent start of the tool. Free updates and patches are downloaded automatically. TEST2DRIVE can be installed on any number of computers, which makes it possible to carry out tests on an unlimited number of test stations in the laboratory.

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