1991 – 2009
Schuhfried – a software contract

We sign a contract for an indefinite period with an Austrian company SCHUHFRIED, one of the world leaders in the field of computerised psychological diagnostic tools, to provide them with technological support in the process of developing the Vienna Test System for the next 25 years. We evolve technologically and stay in-step with the development of new technologies by creating computer-assisted psychological assessment systems: we begin with DOS, enter the world of Windows, immerse in the Internet.

1993 - 2005
Allianz Investment Bank Austria – a software contract

Cobol, the banking system, the stock market – a challenge for a team of several people.

1995 – 2015
Schuhfried – kontrakt handlowy

We introduce the Vienna Test System into the Polish market. In order to do this we localise the tests developed over the years, we standardise the tests to ensure their compatibility with the Polish law, create Polish versions of the handbooks.

1997 - 2000
International software contracts
  • Bio-Logic Israel
  • Luckman Interactive USA
  • SWETS  Holland

Cultural adaptation of a neuropsychological rehabilitation system RehaCom developed by HASOMED/Germany in co

2001- 2002
MultiSelect and ProSelect

We develop our first proprietary computer-assisted psychological assessment systems for business: ProSelect and MultiSelect. The first ones in Poland.

2002 - ...
HRM services

We start providing HRM services.

2003 – …
The Police

We win a tender for the psychological aspect (a battery of tests MultiSelect, the SYNAPS system) of a computerised system for supporting the process of candidate recruitment by the police service. We maintain the system – regarding both its content and technological side.

2003 – …

We sign a contract for an indefinite period with a British company Cubiks, one of the leading global companies in the field of HRM as their licensed partner (tools and services, certified product training, customer support, tool adaptation, partnership in developing tools especially focused on their multicultural aspect, validation and standardisation, partnership in international service projects).


We independently develop a pioneering computer-assisted system for supporting human resources management in companies and organisations: mHR; following initial independent implementations we sell the mHR to BPSC, a company offering comprehensive ERP class solutions.


We develop and launch an IT platform for psychological assessment management in business. On this platform we implement tests developed by our R&D department – an offer for business in the area of recruitment and HRM development.

2008 - …
Psychological tests and more for business

We develop tests for assessing e.g.: cognitive skills, situational judgement tests for assessing the potential in the area of leadership and sales, and also language skills.

2009 – 2013
A&DC – sales contract

We do business with a global leader in the field of behavioural assessment (AC/DC), a British company A&DC.

2010 – 2018
Research and development projects funded by the National Centre for Research and Development / Defence and Security.

a. “Assessment and development of the Police management”
b. “PST – an interactive psycho-stimulator for the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs”
c. “SINDBAD – a computer system for supporting communication within the Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs”
d. “POLDRIVE – a system for supporting psychological assessment for the Police”


We develop a revised version of the MultiSelect test battery alongside with a technologically upgraded IT platform (the SYNAPS system).

2013 - …
Test2Drive PL

We develop and launch the first licences for an innovative computer-assisted system for psychological assessment of drivers (touchscreen, network solutions)

2015 - 2016
Test2Drive: recognised innovativeness

Test2Drive wins awards for innovativeness: Silesian Innovator (2015; Katowice; distinction); Gold Medal at the International Trade Fair of Innovation (2016; Brussels); Golden Laurel of Innovation (2016; NOT [Polish Engineering Association], Warsaw).

2015 – …
Hasomed – direct sales contract

We sign a sales contract for an indefinite period with a German company HASOMED, one of world leaders in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation of the brain.

2015 - …
Test2Work: cognitive function assessment

Extending our offer to include psychological assessment for occupational medicine and business.

Test2Drive International

We sign our first international contract for selling the Test2Drive system outside Poland (Facthum, Spain); Test2Drive and Test2Work are being further developed.