We’ve been involved in doing what we are doing since 1991; since the beginning of our activity all our tests and systems have been developed and updated in line with technological advancements in the area of IT at all stages of their application – from recording the test to its execution, scoring, interpretation, storing and later access.


We develop and sell comprehensive systems for supporting effective psychological assessment, current and future potential as well as development as such – beginning with recording the test, execution of the test, scoring, interpretation and recommendations through storing and later access; if we add services to the mix, e.g. HRM or assessment in the area of transport psychology supported by such systems, we achieve comprehensive solutions.


We evolve to incorporate psychological advancements and IT – we are the avant-garde in psychological testing as well as assessment and potential development in the business context. This claim can be proven by the completed and currently executed R&D projects, as well as recognition in the form of awards we have received in competitions focused on innovations.


The products and services we offer are developed on the basis of scientific


We effectively support our clients: those who are self-employed and those who employ 100, 000 people; we don’t limit ourselves to trainings, webinars and follow-ups; we remain responsive to our clients’ needs virtually around the clock. We help them to overcome obstacles, advise on the most advantageous application of available tools.